Medical Recruiting Service Options & Rates

Custom On-Going Recruiting
Custom recruiting services are just that. When you hire us to fulfill your ongoing recruiting needs, additional contingent direct-hire placement fees do not apply! Ask us how contracted recruiting services can save you money. A perfect option for groups with high-volume on-going recruiting needs.

Contracted recruiting services are customizable to your needs; available via six-month, one, and two year agreement options!
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Direct-Hire Contingent Recruiting
Contingent means no fees are invoiced until you've selected one of our candidates. Your project remains open until we've found the right for your open positions, or until you notify us that the position is no longer open.

Contingent Service rate options
Based on our 3-Tier service: Placement frees are based on the starting salary level, invoiced, and due upon receipt of a candidate's acceptance of a job offer. Placement fees paid in full are supported by our 3-Tier Money Back guarantee. Ask for details now!

Additional human resource support and corporate employment law support services are also available. We're excited to welcome you to our family of clients. Let's get started!

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Details on contingency placement guarantees are available by calling
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