Corporate Employment Law Support (CELS): Carozza Law, LLC

Employers in need of legal support don’t always have the luxury of their own on-staff attorneys, or retaining dedicated general counsel. Even for simple projects, you’ve got to do your research, find an attorney, and pay fees of $275.00 to $325.00/hr (Chicago area average). Or you can cross your fingers and hope you get it right doing things yourself - usually not a good idea.

Our general counsel is available to you. Upon agreement with Carozza Law, LLC, you may enjoy client status with attorney/client privilege. Actual attorney opinion and advice is available for your day-to-day employment legal needs.

Our general counsel, Carozza Law, LLC, provides legal opinions based on litigation experience and practical research, complete with case citations, attorney advice and recommendations, upon review of your...

Employment Law Litigation Support is also available. Litigation needs are referred directly to our general counsel, kept in complete confidentiality, and are available at exclusively discounted rates.

Legal Fees

CELS services are quoted per project. Our General Counsel, Carozza Law, LLC, provides a discount exclusive to our Gault Staffing family of clients! Carozza Law, LLC project costs are estimated based on anticipated time to complete; hourly fees may be applied in quarter hour increments. Legal fees are invoiced directly by Carozza Law, LLC.

No-Cost CELS Initial Consultation

Our general counsel, the founding member of Carozza Law, LLC hosts no-cost 30 minute initial consultations upon request. Come in for coffee and to review your needs. No-cost initial consultations are scheduled based on time and general counsel availability. Time blocks book quickly each week - don't wait. Call now!

Contact us in complete confidentiality to discuss your CELS needs. Call 815-444-8630. Or, email your request in confidence to, to, or go directly to Professional Website Design & Management, Serving Chicago and the Midwest
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