Direct Hire Services

The Most Cost-Effective Direct-Hire Recruiting Service - EVER!

Tiered Recruiting
Simply put, our Direct-Hire rates can be split into 3 tiers: T1-10%, T2-15%, & T3-20%. Come with us if you want to save!
Percentage rates are based on the placed candidate's starting salary or full-time salary equivalent if paid hourly.

Discounted rates are available for Nonprofit, Start-Ups, and Small Employers (under 50 employees)!


Tier Rates: The tier percentage of the candidate's annual salary is invoiced on the candidate's first day of employment, net-upon-receipt.

If requested, additional screening process service fees may apply, are non-refundable, and invoiced separately at the time service is provided.


We're so confident in our recruiting and screening process, that we guarantee each directly-hired candidate for a period of 4 weeks from their date of direct-hire. If at any time during the first 4 weeks of employment our placed candidate quits, or is terminated for any reason, we'll refund the designated tier percentage, or credit the guaranteed amount toward one other candidate for the same position.

T1 ($39k/yr. or less): 10% Placement fee, 30% Refund of total placement fee.
T2 ($40k/yr. - $79k/yr.): 15% Placement fee, 60% Refund of total placement fee.
T3 ($80k/yr. or more): 20% Placement fee, 90% Refund of total placement fee.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started on your recruiting projects: Call us now! Forget spending Thousands of dollars on dozens of job-board recruiting ads Forget spending countless dollars and time on reviewing resume after resume of candidates that don't match your needs!

No expensive resume service fees.
No ridiculous retained recruiter fees.
No time limit: Your project remains open until we’ve found the right fit for your open positions, or until you notify us that the position is no longer open.

Position Project Fee:

Tier 1: $200.00
Tier 2: $400.00
Tier 3: $600.00

Project fees are applied to and deducted from placement fees paid in-full on the first candidate placed within the role for a given job-title.

Project fees are invoiced per job-title when you sign off on our direct-hire staffing agreement. This fee covers all work and time associated with creating a project portfolio for each job-title as well as initial advertising, resume review, candidate interviewing, work history verification, and reference checks.

Project fees are applied only ONCE per submitted job-title, not per number of positions open for each job-title. If the job-title is re-opened for future placement projects, no further project fee is due for that job-title.

Project fees do not apply to additional screening service requests such as background checks, pre-employment drug and/or alcohol screening, pre-employment physicals, etc., which, if requested, are invoiced separately and due at the time service is provided.

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