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Retained Recruiting Tiers & How It Works

Retained Recruiting is provided on a month-to-month basis within a tiered structure:

Tier-1 (T1) Starts at only $1,000.00/month – Includes Positions $40,000-$69,999.99/Yr:
Tier-2 (T2) Starts at only $1,500.00/month – Includes Positions $70,000.00-$99,999.99/Yr:
Tier-2 (T3) Starts at only $2,000.00/month – Includes Positions $100,000.00/Yr and up.

Retained Recruiting projects are invoiced job title, per tier level.

How It Works

Sourcing: For each job title within each tier level, under Retained Recruiting, candidates/job applicants are sourced via our listing and recruiting process based on your provided job description and defined salary/wage rate range for each role.

Resume Review: We then review and match received resumes to your job description(s). Matching resumes are set aside for initial contact.

Phone Interview: We then make up to 3 attempts to conduct an initial phone interview on identified qualifying resumes. Initial phone interviews are based on up to four (4) customized and legally compliant questions. A report of the phone interview along with applicant resume including full applicant contact information is then sent upon completion.

Additionally, and only per *request, we will submit any resumes identified as matching on candidates we were not able to reach after 3 attempts. *This is done only per request as many of our clients prefer not to spend additional time attempting to reach unresponsive candidates.

The Retained Recruiting process is repeated for each Tier position listed, month-to-month, until you notify us that your roles have been filled. Or, until you elect to halt the recruiting process.
Placement guarantees are not available, and do not apply under Retained Recruiting agreement terms. Call Today to start your Retained Recruiting projects!

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